Cooking Class Of Pasteis de Nata

Get ready to explore the heart of Portuguese culture with our fun and tasty Pastel de Nata workshop. These sweet delights have a special place in Portugal’s food tradition. In a cozy and interactive setting, you’ll uncover the secrets behind these pastries. In this Experience you’ll get hands-on instruction, learning all the tricks from preparing the custard filling, starting with a pre-prepared dough. After baking, treat yourself to the freshly baked Pastéis de Nata, perfectly complemented by the world-famous Porto wine.

A Bite of Portuguese Culture.

The Pastel de Nata isn’t just a treat; it’s a culinary gem that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. It’s even on the list of the top 50 must-try dishes globally and is a beloved part of Portuguese cuisine. During our Pastel de Nata Workshop in Downtown Porto, you’ll dive into the art of making these pastries while having a blast. Learn about its history and gain some fantastic tips about Porto’s vibrant food scene.

A Sweet Experience with Pastel de Nata: Experience the heart of Portuguese culture with our fun Pastel de Nata class in cozy surroundings next to Sé do Porto. Learn from a friendly teacher, savor your creations with Porto wine, and leave with the confidence to make Pastel de Nata custard all on your own, complete with the recipe. Our downtown Porto location, in a concept store with handcrafted souvenirs, elevates your experience.







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2 hours

10:30 am
02:00 pm
04:30 pm


Porto Wine, Coffee, Water or Juice are included
All ingredients included
Personalized experience for small groups
Bathrooms available



Price Per Person: From 45.00 €

4 People of minimun

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