Porto’s Fishermen’s Legacy – A Cultural Walk Through Afurada

Discover a lesser-known side of Porto with a delightful walking tour to Afurada fishing community, nestled by the mouth of the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Our journey begins in downtown Porto where you will meet your guide and head towards the vibrant Ribeira district. From there, you will cross the iconic bridge to the Gaia bank, where a visit to some of Porto’s famous Port wine cellars awaits. Here, you will savor a tasting of two exquisite wines.

Afterwards, you will stroll along the scenic walkways by the Douro River. This leisurely 30-minute walk offers breathtaking views of Old Porto, lively scenes of local fishermen at work, and the picturesque Rabelo boats gliding by. Bring your camera to capture the beauty and uniqueness of this experience!

Upon reaching Afurada, you will be immersed in the daily life of this charming fishing village. Explore the community tank, interpretive center, and watch fishermen meticulously mend their nets. Wander through streets lined with quaint, tile-covered houses and marvel at the trawlers adorned with colorful streamers and names invoking divine protection.

Lunch promises to be a highlight with succulent charcoal-roasted sardines (or other fresh catch of the day), perfectly paired with crisp Vinho Verde and traditional boroa cornbread. After lunch, visit the modern Douro Marina to relax and soak up the atmosphere with a coffee or ice cream at your leisure (not included).

For a perfect end to a memorable day, enjoy a leisurely Tuk-Tuk ride back to central Porto.

Join us on this cultural exploration of Afurada and experience the authentic rhythms of Porto’s seaside life. Book your tour today and uncover the charms of this hidden gem!

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