Local accommodation in Porto is 9% cheaper than in Lisbon

Local accommodation in Porto is 9% cheaper than in Lisbon

The difference corresponds to an average of 7 euros per night between the Porto and Lisbon.


A study prepared by Confidencial Imobiliário, released at the beginning of October, indicates that the monthly average daily accommodation in Lisbon in July corresponds to 79.1 €, with Porto being 9.2% lower, corresponding to a value of 71,8 €.

The difference in prices narrows in the upper range of local accommodation, with the average daily rate at Porto standing at € 119 while in Lisbon the value is € 125, so the prices are six euros or 4.8% higher in the capital.

In the low range the average daily room rate is 48 € in Lisbon and 42 € in Porto.

In Porto, at the top, the leadership belongs to Mouzinho / Flores (147 euros), ahead of Fontaínhas (130 euros), Aliados (126 euros) and São Bento / Sé (120 euros).

In contrast we have neighborhoods like São Bento / Sé (84 euros), Vitória / Taipas (79,8 euros) and / or Fontaínhas (76,7 euros).

The data are from the SIR – Confidencial Imobiliário Local Accommodation system and consider the average monthly daily rate for a two-night stay for two people in apartments T0 to T1 and result from the collection of information on the fires placed under local accommodation, announced on major online platforms.